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First in the series about a Swedish police inspector Malin Fors. I suppose you could say there are comparisons to be made between this and the fabulous Danish crime series The Killing, mainly in the lead female character. However, that is the only comparison to be made. Malin Fors is shown to be a strong, intelligent police inspector but her personal/emotional life is challenging to say the least. Her marriage has broken down, her ex-husband is ex-army and is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, her 13 yr old daughter feels ignored/abandoned by her mother's overriding passion for her job and on top of all of this she is seen to be an alcoholic. Apart from Malin we meet the rest of her team who again all are shown to have issues outside work. The plot deals with a man who is found hanging in a tree and Malin and the team are given the task to solve his murder. The descriptions of place and the cold are very well done, but I've got to admit the structure of the novel isn't so hot. I don't know whether it is the translation or just the writing, but this crime novel never gets into it's full stride. There are moments where the plot, narrative and structure flow but this doesn't happen for the majority of the novel. This is not your typical crime read, if you like the pace and action of Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole series you may find this a little slow. However, if you enjoy a slow burn with parts of the plot being left unresolved it maybe worth a punt, although if you are looking for great scandinavian psychological crime then look no further than Karin Fossum who I feel does a better job than Kallentoft. Would I read a follow up, possibly as Midwinter Sacrifice shows promise.