Título: SHREK 2 -LEVEL 2 + CD

Autor: AA.VV

Editorial: SM

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Welcome to the exciting world of Popcorn ELT Readers! Popcorn ELT Readers are the new series of low-level, graded readers. Based on popular films, TV series, and classic childrens literature, Popcorn ELT Readers are targeted at students in the early stages of learning English. They are published at three levels foll owing a carefully graded syllabus. Why choose Popcorn ELT Readers? Fun and motivating stories! The Popcorn Readers make reading fun by bringing instantly recognisable films and TV series into the classroom.Appropriate level of challenge The Popcorn ELT Readers are published at three language levels, all aimed at low-level students learning to read in English. Links to the real world The Real World spread after each story provides students with cross-curricular or cross-cultural information, linked to the content of the reader.A full range of fun activities A five-page activity section in each Popcorn Reader. Activity types include matching, ordering, drawing and acting. Each reader ends with a fun chant, modelled on the audio CD.Teachers notes, audio and extra resources Each Popcorn Reader comes with free online teachers notes, providing suggestions on how to exploit the reader. Every Reader is also available with an audio recording of the story. What are headwords? Headwords are the selection of words that students are expected to know at different stages of their language learning studies, without recourse to a dictionary.